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 Consulting Reimagined


McKinsey-style engagements at a quarter of the cost


  • Projects led by seasoned McKinsey alumni

  • Past client work spans diverse industries and functions

  • Engagements can be conducted virtually, in-person, or a hybrid of the two

Improved efficiency, ownership, and execution

  • No team of recent graduates needing hours of onboarding

  • Teams comprised of your own people, shepherded by Vitalise leaders

  • Internally-generated recommendations lead to streamlined implementation


Top-tier training

  • Apprenticeship model for your emerging leaders

  • Upskilling in strategy, data-driven decision making, and executive communication

  • Empowered core workforce and enhanced internal problem-solving capacity


"What's not to like? [This] model teaches the client organization to fish rather than catch the fish for them and leaves them well-equipped in the long term.... Vitalise Ventures [has] skillfully chiseled away at the problems of the conventional consulting model to create a dynamic masterpiece."

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